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We began as the one person project in 2012. Truthfully so had the idea or concept been sitting around in the mind of our founder for some years already but it were only now that she started to actually do something more concrete with it.

2011-2012 so did she through her studies get the chance to learn how build simple websites from the ground up and the basics for web design. She later put this knowledge to use during another course she took that focused on the basics of entrepreneurship where she had to, under controlled conditions, start-up, run and liquidate a small business.

She ended up being a one person business which meant she had to handle customer service, marketing, web development, economics, etc. Thus was the first iteration of this site made. The business wasn’t that successful but was a rewarding learning experience and afterward so was the domain name and general site layout kept by her.

After that so was the site worked on now and then. However, with no concrete vision of what form the site now for more private projects and some attempted structural changes to the coding so did it between 2013-2014 ened up on ice for nearly a year.

Then, during the later half of 2014, did she decide to tackle the task once again. Designs were refined, coding cleaned up and a new site structure began to take form.

Now, 2015, while the site is still in a slow paced development, so is it now live for the public to see.


Sofia Möller, on the net so does she usually go by the alias “DarkclawWhitedragon”. She is a hobbyist graphic designer that tend to dabble with different subjects that strikes a chord with her creative senses.

Her main hobbies is being an illustrator and writer that also dabbles a little with web design. One of her personal creative goals is to write a book and perhaps publish it.

Quote: "I hope you have a nice day."

You can reach her through: darkclawwhitedragon@gmail.com

You can also find her on:


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