A Noble Heart

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Angel's Grace

Life is a gift and one ought to be grateful for what one has. Dreams are a spice of life whether they are one´s goal or not. Despite where one come from so can someone walk a path of righteousness and kindness.

Even one walking on tired feet can gracefully do so with a purpose to a new tomorrow. Despite not seeing what coming shall so can someone clearly in one's mind see a better self in one's future than what the mirror reflects today.

One that can see beyond oneself, and live for others, can be said to have… A noble heart.



After proving his worth by protecting Angeline from a notorious bandit group so does the king come to agreement with the mutual feelings of his daughter and Kaen.

With the kings blessing so comes also the royal court’s general acceptance of Kaen Ghitt Abelrhon’s courting of the princess. But even with that acceptance so is there still much to do.

The task of turning this gutter rat into a presentable man that can be officially introduced to the public has befallen the royal teacher and librarian Greil Rinstow.

And how will Kaen fare with his possible toughest ordeal yet: the introduction and meeting with the crown prince and older brother of Princess Angeline?


Double Edged






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